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Our best collection of ‘Naked’ Gluten Free + Vegan Desserts.

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Blendlove – The E-Book was created specifically for the conscious sweet tooth, wanting to eat the naughty stuff, without the guilt. We operate and sell our raw desserts on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia. As we know, there are so many of you who live overseas, and interstate, who do not have the opportunity to experience our food. So, it was then, we decided to share our decadent treats with the rest of the world through this e-book!

I bought mine last night!!!! Worth every cent! It’s actually worth more! Can’t wait to make all the treats!

IG - @pen_friend

Thank you so much! It is so easy to make and tastes delicious. Your ebook is amazing. x

Jossie Jane

Thanks Ladies. Couldn’t have done it without your amazing recipes. I didn’t start eating raw food until I found you guys. Love your words of wisdom as well! Life Changers! Oh, and it’s delicious by the way. Who doesn’t love peanut butter creations!

Caitlin Row

Our Recipes Are…

Vegan Friendly

Each and every one of our desserts are Vegan Friendly. Free of dairy, and any other animal products. Perfect!

Gluten Free

No gluten here! We have made things easy for all those with gluten intolerances by completely eliminating gluten from our recipes.

Dairy Free

Dairy! What dairy? We just don’t need to use it! We’ve come up with amazing substitutes for milk, cream, and cheese. Hooray!

Cane Sugar Free

Cane sugar, and other highly refined sugars are just no good! We ONLY use organic rice malt syrup as a sweetener in our food as it is fructose free.

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